Dear coaches and parents,

My name is Derrick Mertl and I am a parent, coach, and the founder of an iPad application called SideLineTracker. I’ve been a part of youth sports all my life, from playing as a kid to coaching football today.

One of the the biggest challenges I've seen is accurately tracking young athletes' playing time. Although leagues and teams put guidelines in place to ensure fair playing time, players, coaches, athletic directors and parents inevitably express concerns. But coaches are trying to focus on coaching, not counting time. Many parents find it difficult to even enjoy the game because they’re busy wondering why their child isn’t playing, or wondering why someone else's child is getting twice as much time.

With today’s technology, we have the tools and obligation to do a better job. SideLineTracker was developed to make it easy to track and share young athletes' playing time, giving coaches and parents peace of mind. I encourage you to visit to learn how this application can help you help our youth.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank you for your involvement and dedication in making youth sports a success for our young athletes. Youth sports are an important part of our children’s development, and it’s our job to ensure they get the best possible experience.


Derrick Mertl
Founder and CEO

SideLineTracker: The Idea and Journey

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SideLineTracker was conceptualized on a football field during the first scrimmage of the season in 2012. It was extremely difficult to track player substitutions and how much time each player had during a game all while trying to keep focus on other aspects like strategizing. It was apparent that using a clipboard, paper and pencil wasn’t ideal. It also didn’t give us much confidence in the accuracy of the information we were providing parents or coaches.

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