Build a Team

SideLineTracker makes it easy for coaches or parents to set up a team and populate a roster. After choosing your sport, the guided setup helps you get started by identifying your minimum and maximum play duration, deciding to track time or plays, and choosing to have notifications sent to parents or guardians with game stats about their athlete.

  • Add players to your roster and input attributes such as name, jersey number, height, weight, date of birth and any special notes.
  • Create the player's parent/guardian contact information.
  • Set up coaches' contact information and much more in the management section.
SideLineTracker is a tool that organizes and manages your team's information in one place.

Customize Game Day

SideLineTracker gives you a realistic game day screen.

  • Select your sport — football, soccer, basketball or hockey — to see a customized field, court or rink.
  • Set up the game and add your opponent's name, location and start date. Indicate if you are the home or away team.
  • Add custom lineups to quickly move multiple players in and out of the game.
  • Name these lineups for easy identification during game play.

Tracking Player Time

During a game, white jerseys show which players have not met the minimum mandatory play requirement. Yellow jerseys show those players that have met the minimum while green jerseys show those players that have met and exceeded the maximum play requirement.

  • Place player jerseys on the field or court at the start of the game.
  • Easily track substitutions by moving players on or off the field or court with our drag-and-drop technology.
  • Time is recorded for each athlete on the playing field or court and isn’t recorded for those players on the sideline.
  • Stop and start game time. You even have the option to remove time from a player(s) if corrections are needed during game play.
The ability to accurately track player time gives you control over your team. SideLineTracker will give you confidence and peace of mind that your athletes have adequate playing time.

Manage Game Stats

  • Save game information so you can review win-loss history and players' total time per season.
  • Coaches can use historical game data to make better game day decisions, giving them a strategic advantage.
  • Coaches can also choose to have emails automatically sent to parents at the end of each game with their child's per-game play time.
Coaches gain insight, parents gain comfort and young athletes gain self-confidence knowing their contribution to the team is valued.

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